Final Exam

CAP 105 Final: Scavenger Hunt

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Team Name: Grachel

While it should be obvious what our team name represents, it is both of our first names (Grace and Rachel) mashed together. It doesn’t mean anything super special in particular, but we realized we share three of the same letters in our names (in the same order), so we decided to utilize that.

GVSU Group Landmark Photos: 


GVSU Individual Landmark Photo:

Namely one of GVSU’s most iconic landmarks, the Clock Tower is something possibly everyone thinks of when they think of GVSU. Usually featured on any GVSU-related print or media, it’s a definitely a centerpiece on campus. The exposure on the image was darkened, then the saturation and vibrance on the image was edited. While the Clock Tower is important to everyone, it’s the one other landmark that gave me tingles when I thought of GVSU a year ago and if I might go here. The tower is intimidating (and rather loud every 15 minutes I must say), but it fills every Laker with a sense of pride I don’t think they can get anywhere else.

Vintage Internet Memes: 

Meme Research: 

salt bae meme cap 105 final
SALT BAE: The Salt Bae Meme first saw the light of day in January of 2017, when a Turkish chef posted a video of himself salting some meat. The post gained overnight popularity, as did the Turkish chef. Since “being salty” became a popular term among the youths (especially myself) , the meme became widely used with many variations and contexts, but began to drop off in popularity near the end of the year, though the meme is still alive and used at various times. 


GVSU Foundation Infographics: 

In reading through the GVSU Foundation Annual Report (for 2017), I learned that the university, using the funds raised through the foundation, is planning on opening a new building, Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall on the health campus, set to have opened this year. The infographic reports a total of about $12.6 million raised through 14,000 private donors, meaning each donor gave an average of $900.

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GVSU Foundation Annual Report on Giving

It seems as if there is no definite pattern over the last 10 years as to how much money the foundation will raise, but while $12.6 million is a lot of money, it’s actually one of the smallest amounts raised by the foundation, compared to the $28.4 million raised in 2010 and the $24.7 million raised two years before that. But regardless, the fact that GVSU has this type of money-raising program at all proves how much people care about the university whether or not they’re still going there or working there.

Future Alumni: 

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