About Me


My name is Grace Recla, and I’m a first-year Advertising and PR student at GVSU in Grand Rapids, MI, but I’m from Seattle, WA. My hobbies include being with friends, as well as being outside and enjoying the outdoors, and dogs. If those things could all happen simultaneously, that would be absolutely swell.

My hometown is a city called Renton, with about 100,000 people, located about 20 minutes south of Seattle, Washington. But why did I come here? I get this question waaaay too often, so here is the answer: both of my parents are from Michigan (mom from Commerce, dad from Livonia) and Renton just got TOO exciting for me, so I decided it was time to move away. I have TONS of family from here, and me being from Seattle means that I and my family are the oddballs, while everyone else is from Michigan. My mom moved to Seattle after college, and met my dad soon after. I love it there, but have never lived anywhere else, so long story short, I just wanted a change. My family is so abundant here that I have an aunt who lives as close as Grandville, MI, and grandparents who live as far as Commerce, MI.

But I love Michigan so far, and looking to learn and grow as a person, outside of what I’m used to. Hopefully, Michigan will become another comfort zone for me.


Certified in Google Ads Fundamentals:

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